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Nutrone Women - Your Daily Nutrition drink for Healthy Lifestyle.

Nutrone Women - Your Daily Nutrition drink for Healthy Lifestyle.

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Nutrone Women by PentaSure is a nutraceutical drink with a unique blend of triple protein, ayurvedic herbs, and essential vitamins & minerals. Nutrone Women helps to improve the physical, mental as well as emotional wellbeing of women by providing strength, immunity, energy, and hormonal balance. 

About The Product: -  

  • Nutrone Women offers the essential nutrients necessary to support women in achieving a healthy and balanced life. It provides a boost of energy, strength, immunity, and helps maintain hormonal balance. 
  • Nutrone Women has a unique blend of ayurvedic herbs like Shatavari and Ashwagandha along with essential minerals and vitamins, which helps, promote balanced health of women on all aspects. 
  • Triple protein formula (Whey, Soy, and SMP) helps build strong muscles and immunity, and provided BCAA to improve strength and stamina. 
  • Added herbs Shatavari helps with menstrual problems by regulating hormonal balance and Ashwagandha helps in improving memory & sleep pattern. 
  • Nutrone Women is enriched with vitamin D & Calcium that makes bones strong and sturdy; and vitamin E & selenium promotes healthy skin and hair. 
  • Added FOS and oats fiber promote strong and healthy gut. 
  • Nutrone Women is manufactured in state of the art facility by Hexagon Nutrition Limited, which is FSSAI and ISO-certified 

Direction for use: 

  • Empty an entire 30g sachet in a clean glass/container. 
  • Add 120 ml of water or milk stir thoroughly to make an excellent chocolate flavour health drink and consume immediately. 
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Filled with essential nutrition for women